10 mm Air Rifle/Pistol Range

The 10 mtr Indoor Air Pistol and Air Rifle range was located at a separate wing of the complex. The new facility has the 10 meter ranges shifted adjoining the 50 meter range, with an air cooled target shooting area, and modern target systems. These facilities are truly world class, and adjudged as one of India`s finest, by most shooting deans.

The complete 10 mts range is covered on all sides, and ensures no external interferences distract shooters. The range is well fit and equipped with imported target systems. This 10 mtr Air Rifle and Air Pistol range is preferred by the National Rifle Association of India for the National Squad to practice.

All shooters in the range also adhere to a strict set of rules to prevent any and all possibilities of accidents at the range. The spectator and shooter area is clearly marked and practice procedures is overlooked by the range officer, at all times.

25/50 mm 0.22 Rifle Range

The 50 and 25 mtr range is located in one wing of the shooting complex, along with the Armoury and the Range manager`s office. New facilities also have an enhanced spectator area, changing room and other facilities. The complete section of the first floor, on top of the 50m range, has been converted into an Official area for managing competitions.

Surrounded by ample greenery and a serene atmosphere, the shooting range offers shooters an ideal place for excellent practice. Presently, we have state of the art electronic target system at the 50 mtr range. All scores are instantly recorded on computerized monitors, displaying precision scores, totals and rankings.

The 25 mtr range is equipped with timer based imported target system, which is made to adhere to International timing rules for all outdoor pistol events, with Computerized monitor based systems.

Trap & Skeet Range

We have a full fledged Trap & Skeet range for shooters to train in these events.

We presently have a set of weapons which we allot to shooters who are members. On practice day, shooters can notify the Range Officer and the Armourer, and use these weapons for practice. We also have a ration of ammunition (both Indian and Imported), which can be bought from the armoury, along with target sheets. The weapons, fired empty cases and/or live ammunition must be handed over back at the armoury on end of practice.